Why People Love Co-working Spaces

Co-working SpaceThe culture of sharing keeps getting stronger around the world. This is especially true when it comes to co-working spaces. As the population of freelancers, independent professionals, and remote workers continue to grow thanks to the Internet, many loves the idea of working with strangers in a shared, communal setting.

If you’re considering to franchise a co-working space business, now is the time invest in it. Why does it promise to flourish? Here’s why many members of the workforce prefer and thrive in these modern workspaces:


According to a survey by the Harvard Business Review, people who use co-working spaces find more meaning in what they do. They feel a strong work identity because they share a place with others doing different kinds of work. They experience little direct competition and politics, which are not uncommon in regular office settings.


Co-working spaces don’t trap people in the typical 9-to-5 shift. As they’re usually available 24/7, their users enjoy the freedom to take breaks and go back to work whenever they want and need to. They achieve better work-life balance with this set-up, which leads to greater happiness and satisfaction.

Sense of Community

A co-working space is more than just a place — it’s a community. Here, people from all walks of life collaborate with each other and offer their individual skills for the benefit of the whole. They find learning from other professionals and imparting their wisdom fulfilling.


Working in a communal setting opens opportunities to make friends, which can be beneficial in business. Proximity presents a convenient chance to interact with professionals in the same and related fields of work.

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Co-working spaces are not going to push traditional offices to extinction — at least, not in the foreseeable future. But their growing stock makes them certainly worth the investment. If you want to gain a foothold in the commercial real estate industry, this is a good first step to take.