Why Designers and Accountants Should Work Together

Accountant in AucklandA career as a creative professional is fulfilling but stressful at times. The artistic tradesperson wants to create and produce, and to make an enterprise out of it is a privilege.

While that is so, there are many aspects you, a designer, can miss out on as you venture into the business. You have the products down pat, but how about the financial aspect? You will need an extra mind, and a pair of hands, to help you out. Why not work with an accountant?

Handling the Numbers

As a designer, your main focus is on the products and services you’d want to bring to the market. If you have to constantly worry about keeping track of finances, how will you concentrate on doing what you do best?

Thankfully, there is always an option to work with an accountant. If you are thinking of working with firms such as Accounting North Ltd, you have to be specific about what services you need. If you find monitoring the money challenging, you may want to ask for assistance on cash flow.

An accountant helps you keep track of your expenses, particularly on the non-tangible resources you are using. Workshops you attend and software programs you install can quickly slip off your cash flow radar. Someone who will constantly remind you to provide receipts and record your spending (especially those done online) is a much-needed help.

Guiding You Through Business Decisions

Recently, two nine-year-olds made the news headlines when their clothing brand made it to the New Zealand Fashion Week. Imagine being just as creative, lucky and a little inexperienced with the enterprising side of your profession.

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You need all the help you can get, and an accountant can give you that. They can guide you through setting a clear direction and goal for your business, financially and otherwise. Where do you want to see your work years from now? With sound advice from those who know best, you can bring your creative enterprise to new heights.

As a designer, you have your hands full. An accountant is the extra pair of hands you need to give your profession and business the boost they deserve.