Which U.S. City is the Best Place to Find Work in 2018?

People lined up for interviewA recent study showed that five out of the top 10 best cities to find jobs in the U.S. for this year are in California.

San Jose and San Francisco ranked as the top two cities while San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento landed on the top seven. Even if you only have a high school diploma, peopleready.com explains that some industries can offer a decent salary for jobs including warehouse careers in the manufacturing industry.

Favorable Environment

The study listed San Jose as the best city in the country for job seekers due to its low jobless rate at 3.3%. It’s the same in San Francisco, although average annual salaries in San Jose were much higher by almost $10,000 at around $79,000. Job growth in these cities is particularly strong in the technology sector.

In San Diego, aspiring healthcare employees have found it easy to look for work in the city. On the other hand, entertainment workers flock to Los Angeles even if salaries tend to be lower than in other cities. The city’s healthy work-life balance for most employees serve as a good alternative for them.

High School Education

You may think that a high salary and an easier job hunt require a college degree, but other jobs today can pay a decent income without the need for tertiary education. For instance, transportation inspectors earned more than $72,000 in 2016 even with just a high school level of education.

The job involves checking equipment or goods to make sure that they are safe for transporting cargo or people. The number of job openings in the next eight years is expected to hit almost 3,000

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Whether or not you live in the best places for a job search in the U.S., there are factors that affect your chances of landing a job in your chosen field. Consider being hired through a staffing company that can connect with the right employer.