Which Steel Coil is Suitable for Your Application? Find Out Here

Steel coils in a warehouseYou cannot take chances when it comes to choosing steel coil products for your application. Selecting the wrong product will not only give you frustrating results but also cause you to incur business losses because it will not be suitable for your use. That is because the different types of steel coil differ in their strength, notes Hascall Steel Company. Their manufacturing and functionality are also different.

The common varieties in question here include the following:

Hot galvanized

A coating of a different metal, an end product that you achieve through galvanization. This process involves the dipping of the coil in molten zinc at high temperatures. The zinc deposits on the coil and the coating act as a rust- and corrosion-resistance layer.


A special type of flat coils. Their manufacturing starts with pickling of hot-rolled metal, after which a cold thickness-reduction process follows. The latter method happens at room temperature, whose primary goal is to give the cold-rolled coil distinctive properties for high functionality.

More on cold rolling

Further, the annealing process follows the cold rolling process, and it involves preheating metals above the re-crystallization temperature before cooling it to room temperature. Annealing relieves any internal stress in the alloy that could have built up as a result of cold rolling. Annealing also enhances mechanical properties while resettling the metal’s micro-structure.

It is easy to customize these coils to meet the clients’ requirements after annealing. But, the final process in manufacturing cold-rolled coils is tampering, which typically involves subjecting them to light pressure for further flattening and to give them a premium finish.

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Rolled steel soils have domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. However, the different coils have a difference in rust-resistance and strength. You need to determine the parameters that would be appropriate for your project so that you choose the right coils.