Where Is VoIP Headed In 2018? VoIP Trends In 2018

Person calling another person through laptopAs VoIP grows steadily, consumers can expect an exciting future. Here are some trends that indicate the impact of the technology on the market.

After two decades in the market, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is yet to give way to new technology. Even in 2018, business communications systems have adopted VoIP as standard infrastructure. According to a report titled ‘Global Mobile VoIP Market 2016-2020‘ and published in 2016, the growth of the global mobile VoIP market is expected to continue at a rate of about 28% within the stated period.

The VoIP services market, however, is projected to grow to $140 billion by the year 2021. These growth projections may look fantastic, but then the consumer usage projections for the end of 2017 was one billion users. The market is massive for companies like Justice IT Consulting, and opportunities abound for VoIP in Texas and every other state in the US.

The rise of 5G Networks

Everyone is accustomed to 4G, but the latest news is now about 5G, and consumers are eagerly awaiting the commercial roll-out this year, 2018. What advantages does it confer on VoIP? It is expected to be much faster and connect with more devices. Therefore, the functionality of VoIP on mobile devices is expected to increase.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in VoIP is expected to go beyond simply identifying a poor quality connection but also to conduct remedial actions to fix it.It results in more efficient deployment and use of manpower. Additionally, marketers will be able to use AI for marketing analytics that will benefit online businesses in understanding customer behavior.

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The opportunities for VoIP are quite amazing, especially with current technology growing by leaps and bounds. Companies which are forward-looking will obviously be investing more in this technology to save costs and stake a place in the future.