What to Consider when Designing a Garden

Amazing gardenGreat gardens should not only look good but should also make people feel good. A perfect garden should be easy to move around in, be relaxing, and easy to maintain.

Comfort and utility are the ultimate indicators of a modern well-designed garden. As such, the structures and paths of your garden should be able to accommodate everyone. The placement of the plants should be appealing and hold everyone’s interest. However, before engaging your garden designers in Kent, keep the following factors in mind.

Provide a wide berth

Extremely narrow paths are never a good idea for outdoor spaces. As such, your main walkways should not be less than five feet. This way, they can accommodate at least two people walking side by side. Secondary paths should have at least three feet. The taller the plants and structures, the wider the path should be. Wide paths and tall boundaries make your garden feel more restricted.

Steady your feet

Ensure that the paving you use provides secure footing. As such, avoid loosely set pavers, or slick surfaces that will wobble. Smooth outdoor tiles, or polished granite, although attractive, does not offer traction during the winter or rainy seasons.

You should use unsifted gravel to make your walkways, as it remains loose under your feet and does not compact. Regardless of your choice of paving material, ensure that it is slightly sloped to prevent the pooling of water.

Leave enough room for growth

Most people tend to underestimate the space occupied by growing plants. Therefore, plan your garden accordingly. Provide some extra space to move some of the plants after they mature. Additionally, you could also consider filler plants for a quick and bulky effect in your garden.

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When setting up a garden, most people have flowers and flowers only at the back of their minds. However, there are other plants you can use to make your garden lively all year round. Therefore, speak with your local gardening expert to identify other plants that are suitable for your garden.