What Can Influence Your Classroom Chair Selection?

classroom chairsRunning a school or designing a learning space comes with numerous decisions. The classroom layout and colour scheme are some of the critical decisions you need to make. While these decisions require substantial input and time, choosing your furniture should not be too difficult.

Getting a reliable and trustworthy supplier for student chairs will significantly reduce the stress of acquiring these key furniture pieces in Australia. Several factors should influence your selection of classroom chairs.

Here are some of those considerations:

The Material

There are three main types of classroom seat material: hard plastic, soft plastic and wood. Soft plastic chairs are the conventional material of choice and they come in a broad array of colours. They have steel supports which help the chairs hold up the pressure of students leaning back. Hard plastic chairs are more durable and expensive than the soft variety. Chairs made of wood, on the other hand, give your classrooms a traditional look.

The Leg Style

Glides are the commonly used leg styles for classroom chairs. They are self-leveling and reduce excessive noise when the chair is dragged across tiled floors. Casters are also a good option in computer labs and for teachers’ chairs as they help the chair glide easily across floors without leaving scratch marks.

Frame Finish

The conventional frame finish for school chairs is chrome. It is durable and scratch-resistant and looks new for an extended period. Powder-coat chair frames allow you to get a wide variety of colour options at a reasonable price.  Another option for frame finishes is plastic. Manufacturers mould plastic frames into one piece to enhance their strength.

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Stackability is also a key feature to consider when buying your school chairs. This will save considerable storage space and ease the movement of chairs. Stackable chairs come in one-piece with combined backs and seats or in a two-piece with a separate back and seat.

Plenty of factors come into play when putting designing your classroom. While choosing your furniture can be easy, it still requires a careful process because chairs and tables can affect student performance. A thoughtful selection will allow you to find durable and comfortable pieces that meet your budget.