Web Design Trends for 2016

Web Design in ProvoFor every company, visibility is a vital part of being online. Understanding the best way to increase revenues is crucial. The best question to ask this year is whether your website is enough or if you need to change things. Web design trends are continually changing, and understanding what’s working allows you to uncover the best kinds of designs that improve user experience.

Experiments with navigation and menus

This seems to be an area people can’t get enough of. There’s a lot of experimenting and a number of different things being done. Some put their navigation in unexpected places, or hide it behind a hamburger icon.


The debate continues about whether to scroll or not to scroll. However, the common consensus is that scrolling while increasing readership is not something everyone enjoys as a task. The long scroll and minimal scrolling are both trending, but long scrolling feels natural, as it spaces out content. 

A shorter scroll gets to the point faster, but it also results in higher bounce rates. Currently, longer scrolling sites outnumber the latter. But the battle continues and it remains to be seen which emerges as the victor in the year 2016. Web designers are also torn on whether horizontal scrolling should be abandoned completely or not.

Modular designs

Web design is focusing on components and modular designs rather than entire layouts for a specific web page. Red Rider Creative says this involves thinking about various aspects of a module, including how search functionality works, how navigation is to be laid out, and what individual functions will be used.

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People aren’t just concerned about the look of things. They want the same functionality across various parts of the site, regardless of where it appears.

For this year, companies should focus on having websites that are easy to use, and keep up with the current trend to maximize user experience. This in turn will result in higher conversions.