US Truck Driver Shortage: Causes And Impact

Truck Driver Looking Out the WindowThe US is seeing a shortage of truck drivers. Over the years, many companies have complained about the lack of people hired as truck drivers, even with a good pay. Despite the shortage, it’s a good opening for people to ponder about training as truck drivers in order to disperse unemployment rates.

There are some factors contributing to the truck driver shortage in the country. The good thing is, there are companies, like Centerline Drivers, that offer CDL truck driver job opening for those who want to work as truck drivers. This solution can help lessen the problem of shortage in deliveries of goods and services throughout the country.

Why is there a shortage, anyway? Why is there a lack of truck drivers for deliveries throughout the country?


Many of the country’s seasoned truck drivers have already retired from employment. This means that many drivers are now living comfortably as seniors. This is a good time for companies to train new truck drivers. This way, they can ease the shortage. Truck driver shortage has led to late deliveries, late shipping, and expensive grocery items.

Job Opportunities

Another reason for the shortage is the opening of other job opportunities in various fields. These jobs may seem more enticing than being a truck driver. Also, the poor working conditions and lack of benefits may drive away truck drivers from working. It’s important for both the companies and government to work together in providing benefits, salary raise, and good working conditions for all truck drivers. This way, many will be encouraged to apply for job openings.

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Being a truck driver isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s important to provide the benefits the truck drivers deserve to let them stay in their jobs. Also, the government should do its job of providing labor laws for the welfare of drivers.