Unforgettable Attractions in the Australian Outback

Outback Adventure in Australia Australia has a volatile climate unlike many countries; however, the country has several unique landscapes and seascapes that entice travellers from different parts of the world to visit. The Australian Outback is one such region that provides exciting activities and other-worldly landscapes.

Uluru or Ayers Rock

Named by William Gosse after Sir Henry Ayers in 1873, this work of nature took more than 600 million years to form. This gigantic rock is 348m above ground, but one interesting fact about it is that approximately 2.5 km of it is still underground. According to Erldunda Roadhouse, staying in one of the many Ayers Rock accommodations nearby provide you with convenient access to this natural wonder. Walk around the enormous monolith or just take photos during your Outback adventure.

Oodnadatta Track

Go on a road adventure which starts from Port Augusta in South Australia that moves up through the Flinders Rangers before riding down Lyndhurst’s tarred roads. Approximately 60 km from the Maree stop, discover a unique park that has ‘planehenge’, a series of planes that resemble the famous landmark in the UK. This is the perfect adventure for those who love camping under the stars.

Kakadu National Park

Near the northern coast lies an enormous national park that any adventure seeker would love to discover. When you visit Kakadu National Park, you will see more than 5000 samples of Aboriginal rock art on the walls of this heritage site, some of which are thousands of years old. For those who want an adrenaline rush, travel through billabongs and creeks that have crocodiles to admire the spectacular Jim Jim Falls.

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The Heysen Trail

With its trailhead a bit south of Adelaide at Cape Jarvis, this 1200 km trail is ideal for walkers. It passes through the breathtaking terrain of Mt Lofty and Wilpena Pound before hitting Parachilna Gorge.

These Outback adventures are only some of the things you get to do when you explore the region. Pack your bags, look for accommodation and prepare for a trip of a lifetime.