Types of Hot Stamping Foils

Industrial printerThere are various finishing options for business prints. None, however, exudes “fancy” like hot foil stamping. This technique involves the application of different foil finishes to your prints using heated dies. The dyes are pressed on your paper under pressure, ultimately leaving your desired design on it.

Your printing company in Australia might recommend combining embossing with your foil stamping to generate a 3-D image. You can select various foil options for your prints. Here are the common ones:

Metallic Foils

These foils have a metal-like shimmer or sheen. The most commonly used metallic foils include copper, gold and silver, but the foils are currently available in various rainbow colours. These are the most widely used for hot foil embossing for large volume books.

Holographic Foils

These foils have a silver-like look before their application. After application, however, holographic foils reflect various colours to the viewer, exuding the impression of a rainbow or holograph. They are youthful and fun finishing options, making them perfect for holiday card greetings. You can customise holographic foils with your business image to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Various industries also use holographic foil stamps with multiple security labels to seal their products.

Pearl Foils

These foils have a transparent or translucent appearance. Pearl foils are typically used to add a real shine to prints instead of colour to a design like other options. They are the best options for elegant business stationery, such as business cards or event invitations.

Hot foil stamping is used on a broad range of paper stocks, but those with a smooth surface are the best options for this technique. Research has shown that consumers perceive hot stamp foiled business prints as having a higher value and hence connect them with quality products. Most printing companies have a minimum number of prints that can be finished with the given foils due to the elaborate setup involved in hot foil stamping.

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