Three Challenges Facing Recruitment Firms

job interviewRecruitment is one of the most visible and significant functions performed by human resources professionals. Unsurprisingly, this also presents the most significant pain points for HR personnel. Twenty-three per cent of HR professionals surveyed in 2010 admitted that recruitment was their most daunting challenge. That percentage rose to 36 per cent in 2015.

Every corporate job opening attracts an average of 250 applicants. About six candidates will be called for an interview, with just one of them being offered the job. This situation is not limited to recruitment agencies in London, as HR professionals in other areas face similar challenges, including the following.

Hunt for the best talent

Quality over quantity is obviously the overarching desire of most recruiters today. The skills shortage problem is a very challenging one for recruiters, one that demands harder work from them. It is not industry or sector specific. Apparently, it is as much an issue of talent availability as quality.

Employer branding

Many job seekers say they are willing to turn down employment offers from companies with a bad reputation. They add they are ready to leave for a more reputable one if the opportunity presented itself. This highlights a major challenge facing recruiters despite their best efforts to hire top talents.

Salary expectations

Recruiters have typically faced high salary expectations during recruitment exercises, and the trend is yet to wane. Of course, this also means that larger businesses will likely outbid smaller firms.

As the global workplace continues to adapt to multifaceted changes, more challenges will emerge. It is expected that HR professionals will adapt to see the opportunities in these challenges for the benefit of clients.

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