The Top 5 Questions That Help Determine Tree Removal Prices

Trees being removedDo you have a tree that needs removal? Several factors may determine the cost estimate you get from local arborists. Here are five main factors that often affect tree removal prices.

1. Where is your tree located?

Tree services consider access to the tree and its proximity to structures. The more remote the location, the more you may have to pay due to poorer access for equipment and crew. In some situations, explains, cranes, cherry pickers and traffic management are necessary to remove tree safely.

The site also affects the level of danger involved. For instance, a tree that’s near houses, power lines and other obstacles increases the risks of potential damage. Removal of such a tree necessitates the use of special techniques and more tools.

2. How tall is your tree?

Height is a critical cost factor. Typically, cutting down taller trees requires highly trained personnel and specialised equipment than felling shorter trees. Naturally, the cost increases with the height and size of the tree.

3. What’s the diameter of the trunk?

The diameter of your tree’s trunk also affects tree removal costs. Usually, a tree with a more prominent trunk needs more force than a thinner and smaller tree. The diameter will add to expenses if stump grinding is part of the job.

4. What condition is the tree in?

It may be more difficult to cut down healthy and robust trees than dead, dying or rotting trees. Deadwood, however, may not be stable or predictable complicating its safe removal. Tree services consider the impact of the tree’s condition on the difficulty and danger levels of the job.

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5. What other services come with tree removal?

You may pay more if you need more than the basic removal job. Additional services that often require additional fees include limb chipping or removal, log splitting and stump removal.

Several factors guide tree service estimators when determining the cost of tree removal. They, for instance, have to analyse the level of danger involved in removing a tree. They also have to consider the time it will take them to complete the job, and the operational costs they’ll incur.