The Psychology Behind Creating the Perfect Menu

Restaurant Menu in EaganYou may have the most exquisite and scrumptious French or Italian cuisine in your neighborhood. However, your competitor almost has double the customers you have. Your restaurant may have the best food, but if your marketing is not up to par, you won’t get the attention you deserve.

The UPS Store – Eagan suggests that the menu makes the first impression whenever a prospective customer goes to a restaurant. The pictures, wording and other factors will affect their decision to eat or look for another place.

The Colors You Eat

The photos you print on the menu add a visual treat that may entice a person to eat at your restaurant; the colors of the food will also have an effect. Vibrant colors, depending on the type of food, make them look tasty and add texture that jumps off the page. The hues you put on paper may actually alter the way people may perceive and taste it once they put it in their mouth.

Choose colors that depict what the food may test like or the ingredients it contains. Does it have tomatoes? Give it a red tinge. If it is curry-based, make it yellow. The color will give a visual representation of what the food will taste like.

The Language of Food

Foreign words and long descriptions make restaurant-goers pay more. Using French, Italian and certain language for the type of food you serve give your restaurant an authentic feel. Write a creative and informative description, you will fill your restaurant. The caption of the food directs a customer’s attention to the features of a dish and helps bring out the texture and flavor of the food. Mix the fancy words with actual ingredients, customers appreciate it if they know what is in the food.

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Limiting Options

Restaurateurs apply the psychological theory called the paradox of choice. This cites that the more choices a person has, the more anxious they will feel. Limit the options for dessert, entrees, main dishes and drinks to help your customers make a choice. The magic number of options per category is around seven, more than this and a customer will feel confused and overwhelmed.

The menu makes the first impression that is why it is important to grab their attention the moment they start browsing it. Using the right mix of colors, words and number of choices will allow you to attract more customers.