The Home Truth: 3 Myths About Living in a Condo, Debunked

Condominium room with brown interiorCondominiums have quickly become one of the default options for first-time homeownership. It’s not surprising why — vertical living has lots of rewards, from greater accessibility to a posh lifestyle experience. But along with people getting into this type of home comes a lot more people hesitating because of a bad news they heard from a co-worker or read off their social media newsfeed.

The truth is that “bad news” you heard is more likely just a misconception. If you’ve heard about the things below, filter it out because these are just myths:

You’ll break the bank buying a condo

Not true. For one, purchasing a condo is getting cheaper than getting a house. In fact, Filipino real estate experts say that many units are sold in under a million pesos — a relatively cheaper price than a single-family home in a subdivision.

Plus, developers now provide condo owners with many flexible payment options, which suit different budget and preferences. Of course, you always have the choice to apply for a loan. You just have to shop around so you can find the best deal. Aruga Resort and Residences – Mactan recommends checking out condos for sale and you may just find it to be fitting to your budget.

You can’t bring your pets

It’s true that there are condominiums that prohibit pets, but there are many pet-friendly properties that encourage owners to walk their dogs in their open spaces. It’s just a matter of finding the right condominium in your locale and complying to pet policies.

Often, condos only allow certain types of animals. The most common are dogs, cats, and aquarium fish. Sometimes, there’s also a specific size and weight limit. If it’s not a snake or a crocodile you’re taking care of, you’ll surely find a condo perfect for living with your animal friends.

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You’ll get bored living in a box

When you look at the surface, it does feel like vertical living seems so cold and lifeless compared to staying at a subdivision. But if you spend a day or two in a condo, you would find that there’s actually a dynamic community growing.

You will witness (and experience) this in shared amenities, with kids playing in swimming pools and health-conscious moms sweating it out in Zumba sessions at the in-house gym. Plus, inside the units (since there’s limited space), families don’t have their own worlds and are actually bonding together.

Don’t let these myths keep you from achieving the condo dream. Join starting families, millennials, and yuppies in the movement towards vertical living.