The Evolving Office Workspace: Current Trends to Consider

People in the officeA conference room right down the hall. A cubicle for each member of the workforce. The design of modern office workstations may not always have these standard features. Bishop Interiors notes that more and more companies are embracing the merits of more flexible and adaptable spaces where people can be more productive.

What people do and like

Building planning now takes into account the specific things people do at work. There is also a huge importance placed on making people who use the space feel more at ease. Aesthetics is still a key aspect to consider, but the marriage of appearance and functionality is a popular theme in many office design concepts today.

A sense of community

More interactions between employees at the workplace become possible when community tables are allowing for meaningful communication and collaboration. One can hardly expect productive cooperation when people are stuck in their cubicles from the moment they time in to when they time out. Evidently, and evolving work setting must allow for alliances and kinship to grow.

Multipurpose environments

While private enclaves are still necessary for the kind of work that requires focus and concentration, multipurpose workspaces are becoming more popular in the corporate world. Breakout areas that serve as lounge spaces at certain times during the day are now becoming popular. Office furniture is now more flexible in that staff can use them in stand-up meetings in the mornings and as receiving areas for clients for the rest of the day.

Modular equipment

An important trend in office furniture these days is the use of modular pieces. Have you heard of meet point tables and desk pods? You can explore existing designs, and even consider customisation. It looks like modular benches and modular soft seating is here to stay — at least for companies with their eyes set on the future.

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The work setting is now evolving. Adaptability and a sense of community are key features of modern office design. Be aware of current trends that can boost your workers’ productivity.