The Dangers of Asbestos: Health Safety to Removal

workers carrying roof for asbestos removalAsbestos is a widely used material in houses and high structures due to its strength and other physical properties, like resistance to extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, asbestos can also pose a great risk to our health.

If you reside in Perth, WA, you can contact a professional asbestos removal company to assist in properly removing and disposing of asbestos materials from your house or building. But why do you need professional assistance? Is it possible to just do it by yourself?

Greater Health Risks

Damaged or worn out asbestos materials tend to flake off and release asbestos fibres. Once inhaled, they can enter the lungs and the digestive tract. Here’s where the problem lies: asbestos fibres are so hard to destroy that the body can’t break it down. They will stay trapped and potentially harm the body.

Over time, it could develop serious health problems, such as lung cancer, the non-cancerous respiratory disease called asbestosis, and a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma. In addition, studies suggest that exposure to asbestos is linked to other types of cancer such as oesophageal, laryngeal, oral, stomach, colon and kidney cancer.

Dos and Don’ts

If you suspect that the damaged part of your house is made of asbestos, there are a couple of things you can and cannot do.

If there’s a need to remove that section of wall or flooring before an asbestos professional arrives, make sure it is completely wet. Keep it intact and in large chunks, if possible. Place them carefully inside a garbage bag and then seal it completely. Finally, make sure the bag is properly labelled for proper disposal purposes.

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Never use power tools, abrasive cutting or sanding discs. This is to minimise the spread of asbestos dust. Use hand tools instead and keep a powerful vacuum standing by for clean-up. Don’t use ordinary sweeping materials or high-pressure hoses. If the broken or crushed asbestos material falls on the ground, leave them and don’t step on them. For safety precautions, wear an EPA or OSHA certified mask.

Hire an Asbestos Removal Expert

When hiring a professional asbestos removal expert, you should make sure they have an HSE (Health and Safety Executive) license. It’s a confirmation that they have in-depth knowledge about asbestos, how to properly handle it and the right tools and equipment for dealing with this hazardous material.

There may be a couple of ways to deal with asbestos problems by yourself, but leaving the task in the hands of the experts is always the better option. Aside from eliminating the risk of being exposed to different health problems, they have the right knowledge in proper handling and disposal.