The Basics of Home Automation for Dallas Homeowners

Smart home options on a tabletWe started with smartphones, and now we have smart homes. Also fondly known as “the Internet of Things,” home automation is becoming more and more popular among American homes, mainly because of the economic and ergonomic value it provides to consumers.

Back then, we could turn lights on or off by simply clapping our hands – now you can control your lights, sound and security system, and even your TV simply by using your phone anytime, anywhere.

Let us say you flew to Chicago for a business trip, and there is nobody left on your ranch. With home automation here in Dallas, you can mind the house even when you are miles away.

How does home automation work?

Home automation works by linking your appliances into one network, allowing you to have full control over them via an app. Via this app, you can choose to set schedules for your appliances—for example, in larger houses, it can be a pain to go around and switch all the lights off.

If you automate your light switches, you can tell them to switch off at night by themselves, and back on the next evening.

How Can Home Automation Benefit Me?

Convenience is just the tip of the home automation iceberg. Using smart appliances can drastically reduce utility costs by only turning them on when needed.

For instance, by automating your thermostat, you can schedule it to turn on only when you are home (like in the case of heating systems) and power down automatically when you and the kids leave for work and school.

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Aside from this, businesses like Green Electronic Solutions provide automated power strips that can help reduce the energy consumption of gaming consoles, computers, and other appliances, which can suck up electricity even while they are turned off.

Best of all, you can even monitor your consumption via the app, so you can make changes to your automation plan and cut even more costs.