First Take

How to Make Your Office Organized and Neat

November 25, 2017

Keeping an orderly office requires a system of scheduled activities that occur on a regular basis. On top of daily the daily upkeep, there’s the required daily maintenance of office materials, supplies, and appliances. Here […]

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Move to Amend

Strategising for Better Organisational Safety

October 15, 2017

An organisation's reliability rests on the safety of its workspaces and employees. All organisations owe it to their workforce to ensure that every risk is managed properly and that there are mitigation measures in place […]

The Indicators

Here Are Five of the Dirtiest Items in Your Workplace

February 17, 2017

Researchers found that the dirtiest areas in the workplace are actually the men’s desks. Findings showed that the levels of bacteria present on office desks are highly dependent on the occupant’s gender. The researchers said […]