Sydney Getaway: 3 Must-See Attractions around Circular Quay

SidneyNothing beats visiting the heart of a city in one’s travels; especially if it is your gateway to even more beautiful attractions. Circular Quay is one of them. It is the main ferry terminal in Sydney that connects its visitors to many iconic places, three of which are: Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Rocks.

When travelling in a larger group, you can hire a bus in Sydney which can transport you, comfortable and easily, from one attraction to another.

These are interesting facts you should know about these places if you’re planning to visit them.

Sydney Opera House

Being on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, it is not surprising that the Sydney Opera House is visited by more than 8.2 million people each year.

You will not only be enthralled by its world-renowned architectural design and interiors, but also by its must-see roster of performers. Talented groups such as the Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Symphony Orchestra, regularly perform at the venue.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Other than the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge is Sydney’s most famous landmark. It is known to the locals as “The Coat Hanger”.

Connecting the city centre in the south and the residential north, this bridge is not just a cultural icon, but also an important transport line.

Climbing the bridge will definitely give you a breathtaking view of the entire Sydney Harbor.

The Rocks

The Rocks is Sydney’s oldest area. As a well-preserved colonial district, it is a place of great historical importance.

Restaurants, cafes and other shops set against historic buildings reflect the colourful history of the city.

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Within The Rocks are different galleries and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Discovery Museum, and others which you can visit.

These prominent places are just around Circular Quay. With a hired bus, you may even visit other famous tourist spots across Sydney. Get ready for your travel adventure!