Standards Raised! Facebook Gets Rid of Clickbaits

Clickbait HeadlineIt’s not a surprise that Facebook updated its algorithm once again to improve the user experience. They are now targeting content that has clickbait titles, which are eye-catching links whose main purpose is to lure visitors to their page. It is a strategy that advertising firms like Disruptive Advertising wouldn’t want to get their hands on. If you know what’s good for your company and if you want more loyal clients, avoid it.

The Distaste behind Clickbaits

Back in April 2016, Facebook already started to address the issue when its algorithm began analyzing signals like the duration of a user on a certain page. Facebook says the last update helped, but some sites are still depending on clickbait headlines. Companies might think it is a great idea, but Facebook knows that users want clearly written headlines and don’t want their time wasted.

The New Algorithm Update

Clickbait articles use the same title formula, so Facebook will be able to track them easily. Their update will try to identify if the headline is withholding information on what the article really is and if it exaggerates.

The algorithm will be able to identify the sites that publish a lot of clickbait content and they will give them punishment through lower ranking. The only way they can redeem themselves is if they stop releasing clickbait content. Once that happens, their ranking will slowly move up in News Feeds.

The Importance of Quality Content

The new algorithm modification only shows how important quality content is. Domains and pages should understand that posting something and getting traffic aren’t enough. If they want to win this battle, they would have to supply content with value.

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Upworthy, the site that unleashed clickbait monster, even realized what they were doing was wrong, altered their strategy and decided to produce original videos and articles. Change your ways now before it’s too late.