Social Media: A Permanent Fixture in Modern Marketing

social media marketing
For many marketers, social media has become even more important in our marketing future. While not exactly developed for a brand ambassadorship, social media has made marketing a whole lot easier for businesses.

Before the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, businesses required more time and effort to build a presence online. It was virtually impossible for those starting up. Small to midsize businesses barely made a mark. Social media may have many other uses, but one thing is clear – social media is growing in importance as a marketing tool.

Social Engagement

Social media usage has reached all-time highs during the past couple of years. With nearly two billion people actively using social media, even the oldest marketer can’t deny its power and influence. And businesses that turn their backs on this amazing opportunity should not even be doing business at all. Why? First of all, businesses should find a way to connect with their customers, and social media is where you can find them.

Social media is a great platform to foster social engagement, which is basically what modern marketing is all about. It offers an efficient, well-structured platform to provide useful content to the target audience and beyond. It also happens to be a very efficient, easy-to-use, and affordable digital channel for building brands.

Transparency and Authenticity

Secondly, social media provides transparency and authenticity. A recent study shows that 7 out 10 people prefer a business with a social media presence. Most of the respondents claim that businesses with active social media pages are more reliable.

Popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are the first places a person would look for information about a business. Not having one, or having one but the last update was a year ago, will most likely leave a bad impression.

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It appears that Internet users not only go to Facebook to search for your business’ address, contact details or other real-time information. It’s always their way of giving a second look to help them decide whether to trust your brand or not.

Time and Traffic

According to Fortune, Facebook drives nearly a third of web traffic, with over 1.18 billion people logging in daily, a 17% increase from last year. If you think about it, maintaining an active Facebook page makes this huge and vastly growing number a promising audience for your marketing efforts.

You can also drive higher traffic to your site and engage more people during peak usage times, or schedule your communication efforts or target your efforts strategically. However, having a social media presence does not guarantee a major increase in traffic overnight. Like all marketing efforts, quality and strategy are needed on your part.

While billions of people are active and engaged almost 24/7, bear in mind that you’re competing for their attention. To make sure your efforts stand out, good old marketing techniques come in handy. These include conducting an extensive market research, developing an effective content strategy, and committing it.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should focus all your efforts on updating your social media profiles daily. You can just choose one site to concentrate your energy on, and update profiles on different platforms every once in a while, but it depends on what type of content do you use the most.

If you’re just starting out or too busy to be on social media the whole day, you can always hire an individual or agency that provides social media management services. Third-party agencies, such as Third Stage Marketing, follow several marketing techniques designed around user patterns and demographic data, coupled with thorough research on your business and industry.

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Still not convinced? Take note that the number of active social media users has been increasing by 20% since 2012, which means that businesses have no good reason not to harness the power of social media. But it’s definitely never too late for those who are yet to jump on board as social media marketing is here to stay.