Safety Assessment: Preventing Workplace Fires

Workplace Safety Fire safety rules and regulations are important and essential to every organization. Many organizations have separate safety drills which are organized from time to time and this helps employees stay ahead of a disaster situation saving lives.

Here are 10 ways to prevent workplace fires as noted in the Take 5 Risk Assessment Booklet:

  • Ensure fire exits, sprinklers and other mechanisms are in place in the building, ensure such exits remain unobstructed and functional with regular checks and practice fire drills for all employees.
  • Practise good housekeeping at work, ensuring you remove clutter promptly. Clutter and piles of unattended materials often lead to a conflagration going out of control.
  • If any oily rags or flammable substances spill, ensure they are cleaned and kept safely in a container and regularly disposed off.
  • Machinery should be maintained, inspected and well-oiled to prevent problems like sparks and friction that lead to a fire outbreak.
  • Electrical hazards must be reported and dealt with on a timely basis; faulty wiring and malfunctioning equipment can cause many fire hazards.
  • Free access to all electrical equipment and fire extinguishers placed in open spaces allow immediate access to shut down power in case of electrical fire, and prompt management
  • Fire drills should be conducted on a regular basis for the employees with demonstrations on how to operate the fire extinguishers.
  • Any flammable materials and chemicals should be stored in well ventilated areas with careful adherence to special instructions for storage.
  • Prevent ignition in atmospheres that are potentially flammable by using non sparking tools and ensure separate safe smoking zones, as part of fire safety.
  • Ensure combustible wastes are taken care of, follow building safety regulations and ensure you prevent any unauthorised entry, reporting suspicious persons or activity immediately.

These are just some simple precautions and fire safety considerations you must take to make your workplace safer.