Remote Work: 4 Fast-Rising Careers That Can Be Done Anywhere

Woman with computer and headsetWorking from home is becoming more popular these days because the Internet promotes faster and easier communication across the world. Businesses such as Phoenix Deposition Services use real-time reporting software, so an attorney can listen to a deposition on his own device wherever he or she wants. Healthcare insurance specialists can process claims and answer benefit information inquiries right from their home.

If you’re looking into this type of work, here are the top four jobs that are rising with the work-from-home trend:

1. Online Tutoring or Mentoring

Many online companies hire teachers to do one-on-one English classes through a video call. You can also be an online mentor for a skill that you’re good at. If you specialize in Math, baking, creating jewelry, or DIY home repairs, you can easily set up a website and offer classes for those who want to learn it.

2. Virtual Administration

Scheduling. Project management. Sending and responding to emails. These are just some responsibilities of a virtual office assistant. VAs work during the company’s business hours because they need to make sure the company’s operations run smoothly. This means you can choose a company that operates across the globe if you want to work at night.

3. Customer Service

Call centers and BPO companies are still thriving, and they’ve actually expanded to getting virtual customer service representatives. It’s the same work you get in a BPO company, except you can do it from home.

4. Accounting Services

Auditors, accountants, and bookkeepers can now do their jobs remotely. Some businesses today already have this department outsourced to a virtual team to reduce overhead costs.

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Not everyone can handle working from home and some may still find themselves more productive in an office setting. Working from home may require you to create your own workspace. But it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a homebody or a parent who doesn’t want to leave your kids with a nanny. There are many other remote jobs that can suit your skills, so do your research and build the career you want, no matter where you are.