The SFRTA Forward privacy policy explains how we collect, use, and maintain the information you give us. We aim to raise awareness on how to maximize the use of our site without endangering your privacy.

Please review our policies carefully in order to understand SFRTA Forward’s stance on data collection and usage. Revisit this page for possible updates and changes made to improve user experience.

Personally Identifiable Information

Our sole purpose for collecting information like your name and email address is to send you regular updates, offers, verifications, and query responses.

We do not disclose your personal details to third parties, nor do we post them on our website for the public to see. To further ensure confidentiality, we have regulated administrative access to our website to only a trusted few in our organization.

Should there be instances wherein we’ll request for personal details – and should you choose to provide those details – we abide by our word to use them only for reasons relating to your use of our website.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We do not collect information like browser name, IP address, computer type, and other non-personally identifiable information. Any mention of those details on our website is at your own discretion.

Web Cookies

We consider your browsing activities on and off our website as your business alone; hence our refusal to use web cookies.

External Links

We practice linking in the majority of our posts. Please be guided that, unless otherwise stated, the linked sites are not directly involved with SFRTA Forward. We have no control over their practices. For your safety, read their privacy policies before submitting personal information on their website.