Printing Options for Lanyards

LanyardsThere are many decisions you have to make when putting together a conference or event. One of these decisions is the identification method of your guests to facilitate a smooth interaction and networking. That’s why name badges are an essential part of all corporate functions.

When choosing the ideal name badges for your event in Auckland, your choice of a lanyard is also essential. These keep your badges secured using loops, clips, hooks and other attachments. Here are the printing options you can choose for your lanyards.

Hot Stamping

This printing method is ideal for short-term events since its resultant print does not last for a long time. It is the lowest cost and fastest among all printing options but it only prints in a limited range of colours.

In hot stamping, a heated metal printing plate with your desired design is placed over the material then heat and pressure transfer the design onto the fabric using.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a fine mesh screen on which a professional put your desired ink and uses pressure to transfer the ink onto the lanyard material.

Heat will then cure the ink. Screen printing is low cost, takes a short time and produces a high-quality print making it the most popular printing option.

Dye Sublimation

This is the latest printing technology used for lanyards. Dye sublimation produces high quality; very detailed, durable custom prints and results in printing lanyard on both sides. But this process takes a long time to finish.

Dye sublimation also has a broad range of customisation options using a unique process making it ideal for special promotions and events which require a high level of customisation.

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Apart from your ideal printing option from the above, the material for your lanyard is an important factor. Cotton, cord, polyester twill and nylon are the typical options on the market. Regardless of your budget and needs, you will surely find a lanyard to suit your event.