PR SEO: Optimising Your Press Releases

Public RelationsMany online marketing schemes come and go, but one promotion avenue that may never go away and continue to evolve is press release search engine optimisation. Basically, PR SEO is the practice of optimising your press releases specifically for search engines. Before doing so, you should first set your priorities to know how to fit this into your overall SEO strategy.

Here’s a guide to ensure that search engines won’t ignore your press releases:

  • On Keywords – Use relevant keywords in your headlines, sub-headline, and your first paragraph to guarantee consistency in your message and increase the chance of your press release ranking in search results.
  • On Headlines – Your headline should not be more than 22 characters long because it might be all that readers reads or it might be what makes them actually notice your article and share it with relevant people, recommends a social media specialist from a renowned PR agency in Melbourne.
  • On Length – Ideally, your press release shouldn’t be more than 600 words or two whole pages long for optimisation purposes. The remaining parts of your article should offer further explanation of your piece and other details that will make it stand out.
  • On Supporting Details – Since you can’t make your piece longer than it has to be, you can add supporting details by using relevant images, videos, and infographics, which search engines favour. Additionally, you should always incorporate your logo in your press releases. When a person searches for your brand or company name, it must display your logo.
  • On What You Can’t Do – While your press releases can do many things, there are specific things you can’t do with it according to Google. For instance, Google doesn’t allow generating inbound links and optimising anchor text links since they consider them as unnatural links. You can’t likewise cram keywords in your piece and use it for link building.
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The Internet has significantly reinvented the PR game, so you should have a thorough understanding of strategies that gets your message across. All these while pleasing the search engines.