Paya Lebar Quarter Supports Your Vision for Your Life

Modern High-Rise Apartment HousesHaving a vision for life provides a sense of purpose that aligns with your life goals. If your goals are the “how’s” of achieving success and other targets, then your vision is the “why” – why do you want to achieve these goals?

A solid vision will set your priorities and help you reach your goals one by one. When you integrate your vision into your daily routine, you increase your focus and motivation, and you become closer to accomplishing your goals. Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) aims to do just that with residents and professionals living and working in the area.

Clear Vision of Your Future in PLQ

PLQ has several career opportunities. PLQ has already started the year 2018 strong with securing more than 50% of its office space ahead of its scheduled opening. Prospective tenants include both local and multinational companies in the finance, technology and real estate industries.

Flexibility and Other Conveniences

Living in the urban landscape of PLQ also provides a number of conveniences that allow professionals and residents to focus on other things that matter. PLQ has sold more than half of its 400 apartment units and has secured more than 40% of commitments for retail malls ahead of its target occupation permit. Residents can expect to focus on their life vision by having basic needs and conveniences within their reach.

PLQ is strategically and conveniently located near public transport and amenities like technologically advanced shopping malls, daycare centres and a comprehensive network of walking and cycling paths.

With these kinds of features, it won’t be too ambitious to set goals and have a clear vision to guide you. Living and working in PLQ will give you the focus and opportunities you need to have a solid vision. In turn, you will be able to organise priorities and have peace of mind in getting closer to your goals.

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