Moving Somewhere? Here’s a Guide for a Hassle-Free Move

Moving Truck in SydneyMoving to a new home is exciting, but the process of packing is a stressful undertaking. You’d have to organise your belongings and label each box so it will be easier for you and your family to unpack. No, it’s not as simple as hiring a moving truck from Southern Cross Truck Rentals. Still, it doesn’t have to go with all the usual hassle.

Prepare for that move by relying on these expert-approved tips.

1. Pack wisely.

Amy Azzarito, an author and design trend writer, recommends providing a daily quota for yourself so you don’t have to do non-stop packing in one weekend. If you have time, avoid boxing up your old home in just one plunge. Dividing your time will save more energy.

2. Forget about cardboard boxes.

Emily Henderson, a Target Home Style expert and blogger, used Rent a Green Box for her recent move. The company delivered the sturdy boxes with attachable lids a week before moving day, then collected them once she has unpacked. This alternate option is eco-friendly and more cost-effective than purchasing moving boxes.

You don’t need to go through the hassles of taping up boxes, covering them with bubble wraps and securing them. Companies in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane also offer the same service.

3. Reestablish utility service.

As soon as you already know the moving date, get in touch with the utility companies and arrange a service switch. This is a vital step if you’re moving into a previously vacant or newly built house.

4. Haul the basics before moving day.

If your new place is just near your current home, take the basic supplies a day before the move. Pack bathroom necessities in advance, and store pyjamas and clothes for a couple of days. This ensures you have the essentials while you’re in the midst of unpacking the boxes.

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Moving to a new home does not have to feel chaotic. Organise everything to avoid unnecessary clutter.