Moving Forward: Improving Company Culture 

one team in a companyDefining the culture of your company is important to keep the work environment healthy. As a business owner, it is only advisable to pay attention to these things. Keep in mind that employees have different strong personalities. Your role as the CEO is to promote teamwork despite those differences.

PeopleReady explains how.

Cultivate Employee Relationships

Communication plays a vital role in building strong relationships. This is one of the reasons some business owners implement an “open-door policy”. This allows every employee to voice out their opinions and concerns. Some companies have a weekly “town hall” to introduce new employees and recognize everyone’s progress and hard work. Organizing interactive activities is also a big help.

Prioritize Staffing

Office staffing is important to determine the right manpower. Any inaccuracy can cause future problems in terms of productivity, efficiency, and team morale. Discuss these matters with your HR personnel. They should be monitoring the recruitment process and morale of each employee. In addition, you should review the company’s goals.

Develop an Incentive Program

One way to boost your team’s morale is to develop incentive programs. Other than individual recognition, consider having team incentives. This should encourage everyone to work together and meet their goals.

Be creative with your rewards. For example, you can give extra vacation leaves to those who can exceed team production points quarterly. Treating them with a free lunch or a weekend staycation can stir up some excitement.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Be mindful of the workload for each department. While work production is essential in the operational side of the business, burnout can create a toxic work environment. Find a strategic way to measure their production units. Provide them with new tools that can simplify their work. In addition, consider implementing the “no overtime policy”.

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All in all, company culture reflects how your employees work. This builds the image of your business. Start with the simplest steps and make the necessary adjustments in the process.