Just Hold Your Wedding and Reception in One Place — Here’s Why

guests throwing confetti over newlywedsOnce upon a time, the words “dream wedding” evoked the mental image of a bride walking down a church’s aisle.

These days, however, many of these dream weddings don’t always happen in a church but in venues where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception together. And there are practical and economical reasons many couples are considering this choice.

1. To Reduce Rentals

By having only one venue for the wedding and reception, you wouldn’t need to rent a church for the ceremony. You also won’t need to hire transportation for your guests either, and you even reduce the time and fuel meant for your own car rental.

Reduce these rental fees further by holding a garden wedding, provided that you, a friend, or a relative have an expansive and manicured backyard that can fit your guest list. Just get a wedding tent rental deal in St. Paul, MN, and hire a coordinator to take care of everything else.

2. To Discover Discounts

If you’ve decided to rent the ballroom, garden, or poolside of a hotel for your wedding ceremony and reception, you could ask for discounts for your honeymoon package. Add to that, relatives who need a place to stay before traveling back home can also take advantage of your special deal.

You can add whatever discounts you get can to your savings or use it to pay for sudden emergencies.

3. To Slash Stress

Imagine not having to worry about traffic and the place to rest in between programs or deal with the staff of two different venues. With just one place, you can directly speak to just one contact person.

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Better yet, talk to your wedding coordinator to arrange everything, even the room where you can change outfits, retouch your makeup or rest in between programs. The fewer people you talk to, the less stressed you will be.

You can have a successful wedding ceremony and reception even if you celebrate both in one venue. Just hire the right people and services for everything to run smoothly. That way, you get to enjoy your wedding day, be less stressed and stay within your budget.