Installation Central Air-Conditioning: How Much Does it Cost?

man fixed vent of central AC unitAn installation of a central air-conditioning system in the U.S. will vary in each state, although the usual price range amounts to between $3,700 and almost $7,160.

If you live in Tennessee, the price of installing heating, ventilation and air-conditioning or HVAC for homes in Nashville may cost more or less than prices in Knoxville for HVAC installation.

You can base companies’ fees on your preferred type of air conditioning system, so you should think carefully when choosing the right unit.

Air-Conditioning Types

Central systems are suitable for homeowners that want a low-maintenance system. This type of unit uses typically an HVAC system comprising a duct and heating structures, which work to cool your entire home.

If you only wish to cool a certain part of the house such as the bedroom, window units serve as your best option. A room-only unit usually fits into a window, while you can place some units through a hole from the wall’s exterior.

Knowing which one you want will mostly dictate how much you need to spend on installation costs, aside from the subsequent electric bills.

Energy Bills

Air conditioners have become more modern in terms of energy efficiency. Most products now have an EER or SEE rating that provides you with an estimate of their power consumption. The EER, or energy efficiency ratio rating, measures the cooling efficiency of your unit based on British thermal units

The SEE, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating, will be important for those that live in places with the constantly changing weather. You should replace a unit with a rating of less than 13, as this has been the national standard since January 2006.

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Not all homes are fit to have a central air-conditioning system, so you need to consult first with an HVAC professional to know if this is the best option for your house.