Ideas to Make the Most Out of a Gap Year

Woman taking an online short courseA gap year isn’t only a chance for going on holiday. It can be a period of purposeful experience and challenging comfort zones. This time can be used to expand one’s understanding of one’s self and the world around him.

For a truly enriching gap year, here are some ideas on what you can do:

Learn a Freelance Skill

Before embarking on a gap year, try to learn a marketable freelance skill. This will enable you to defray the various costs you will encounter. Marketable freelance skills like graphic design, digital marketing or writing can be a good start for you as offering services in the mentioned fields can be done anytime and anywhere. Earning a bit of extra cash can also open up more options for you during your gap year.

Find Volunteer work or Internship

Central to any gap year is an emphasis on experiential learning. If you have a clear idea of what your career path will be, find an internship or apprenticeship on your chosen profession to give you a realistic idea of what the work entails.

If you have a clear goal of carving out a career in the city, consider an extended stay. Many young people, for example, rent in a single room in central London to get a feel for the pace and the way of life when working there.

If you are still uncertain of the career you want, consider finding a cause you believe in and volunteer. Not only will you gain some skills and experiences, you also contributed to a cause you feel passionate about.

Travel and Experience Different Cultures

The beauty of gap years is that you don’t have scheduled classes or work – unless you want to. This makes a gap year a great time to travel.

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Instead of going from one resort to another, plan a travel experience that allows you to immerse in a culture different from your own. Consider backpacking in Asian countries to experience a different way of life.

Gap years can be a time for rest, self-discovery and self-improvement. However you spend it challenge it to experience every opportunity to the fullest.