How to Go Green, Even in Death

Funeral Home PlanMetal and bamboo straws, reusable trays, the use of eco-friendly bags, and overall reduction of artificial waste are just some of the efforts that people all over the world proactively promote over the years in hopes of helping reduce the Earth’s pollution.

But the living is not the only ones who have roles to play. Over the years, the concept of green burial has also been on the rise. Read on to understand the concept even more.

What is a green burial?

Green funeral companies have been unheard of three decades ago, but have been on the rise in the past decade or so. These companies promote a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Although the definition of green burial can be quite vague, the whole point of the process is to allow a person to have his last rites on earth without harming the environment.

Traditional burials, whether it is by means of burying someone on the ground or through cremation, leave a lot of carbon footprint that contribute to the Earth’s destruction.

The choice of metallic urns and caskets, embalming, as well as the act of cremation itself pose varying degrees of risks not only to the environment but also to people.

Green burials aim to reduce, if not eliminate, all these by choosing a “greener” alternative. Foregoing embalming, carefully choosing biodegradable urns and caskets, as well as “green cremation,” is possible.

Where can you do green burials?

You can ask funeral companies if they offer green burials to learn more about the exercise. As for the burial itself, there are different kinds of burial sites certified by the Natural Burial Ground as a green burial location.

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Burying your loved one’s remains in a traditional cemetery, keeping the ashes, or scattering it in significant areas are also options to consider.

Are you thinking of going green? Consult with funeral companies and see how you can contribute to saving the environment, even in death.