How Far Can Your Wedding Budget Take You?

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marqueeWho doesn’t want the perfect wedding? You know you deserve it, so there should be no price tag holding you back from having a memorable occasion. However, it’s not the price that should determine how happy you are on your wedding day.

Even with a tight budget, you can have a memorable wedding. Here are some things to remember:

Customization Goes a Long Way

If there isn’t much of a price difference between the standard menu and a customized one that makes the reception more suited to your ceremony, go for it. You can get a good deal on wedding rentals in St. Paul, MN, and these allow a bit of flexibility when it comes to the look you’re going for. Be it a fall wedding or a pastel-themed event, little details that remind guests of you and your partner will go a long way. They make the wedding feel more glamorous, too.

Drop the Word “Wedding” when Inquiring

Wedding rentals may come in a package, which lessens the burden of having to rent several items from different locations. For those that are not part of the rental package, see if you can get a lower price by omitting the word “wedding.” A regular bouquet may cost half the amount of a wedding bouquet. A cocktail dress that looks like a wedding dress will cost less, too. It may be trendy to have personalized service, but you’ll get married just as legitimately with a cookie-cutter service that costs less.

Invest in Your Future

A wedding is a good day to remember, but you shouldn’t burn cash just to throw a party for your guests. You’ll be more satisfied if you have a modest wedding but have set aside a good amount for your future. This can go towards your home’s down payment or in buying new furniture.

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You should enjoy your wedding without regretting the expenses later on. Be wise and know where your money should go.