How Can You Save Money in Fancy Restaurants?

Saving money even in a fancy restaurantDining at a fancy restaurant with family or friends is an experience to look forward to, especially if it becomes a habit. However, the pleasure of having excellent food, a serene ambience, and exceptional service comes at a price. For that, every fine dining schedule should be well planned to avoid splurging on your hard-earned money.

Here are some tips to help you save money when eating at a fine dining restaurant in Singapore:

Check dining discounts online

Search for restaurants that offer dining discounts and deals. You may likewise subscribe to a newsletter to stay updated on local restaurants’ promotions.

Secure invites to soft opens

New restaurants host soft opens before they formally open for business. Some restaurants offer free food or discounted meals on these events. Take the chance to attend soft opens. This way, you will get to try their menu for free or at a discounted price.

Give up dessert

Desserts in fancy restaurants are expensive. Since it is served at the end of the meal, you are already full by that time. Giving up dessert will not hurt you. Better still, you can have it somewhere else. You may go to a casual restaurant where desserts cost less or simply have it at home.

Drink water instead of wine or other beverages

Just like desserts, beverages such as beer, soda, or wine are highly priced in restaurants. You can skip these drinks when dining in a fancy restaurant. Instead, ask for a glass of water. Water is tasteless so you can enjoy the distinct flavours of every food served to you. If you insist on an after-dinner drink, a glass of your favourite wine at home will do. A mixed drink in a not-so-fancy restaurant is an option as well.

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Dine for lunch

Menu costs less during lunchtime than dinnertime. Therefore, it is wiser and more practical to opt for a lunch date rather than a dinner date. This way, you will get to enjoy good food and fine service at a much affordable price. There are numerous fine dining restaurants in Singapore where you can definitely enjoy lunch dates.

Fine dining is a pleasurable and enriching experience. It could be costly but if you follow the tips mentioned above, you can save a few bucks for your next date.