Hotel Improvements: Taking Hospitality to the Next Level

A hotel front deskYou are not seeing double. There has been a decrease in the number of people who are booking hotels when on holiday in Australia. This is because they are favouring alternatives such as Airbnb, which allow them to rent anywhere from a single room to an entire house. Does this mean the hotel industry is slowly dying? Not if you show them just what real hospitality is.

Heartwarming Breakfast

One thing Airbnb does not usually offer with their rooms is free food. As a hotel business, this is to your advantage. Hotels typically have an in-house restaurant to cater to their guests’ cravings. Take out the commercial catering equipment and serve a breakfast buffet, so your guests can have an excellent start to their day. You may also offer lunch and dinner buffets for a price.

Personalised Welcome Letter

You don’t have to leave them anything for when they open the door to their room, but the personal touch goes a long way in making them feel at home. A short letter welcoming them to the hotel and perhaps giving them a few tips to make the most of their stay will be much appreciated. Include the number of the reception, as well. This emphasises your availability and eagerness to help with anything they might have problems with.

Secure Stay

There is nothing better than the feeling of security when you know you can leave a room without any of your things getting stolen. This is especially true when guests want to have their room made up and their stocks replenished. Employ only trustworthy individuals so that when they come into the room of your guests, they will do nothing else besides keeping the room clean and orderly. If you can take pride on having no accusations of stealing on your premises, your business will not go under.

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Airbnb may be a viable competitor, but you can find a way to beat it. Do your best to be the most hospitable member of the hospitality industry.