Here Are Your Options in Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

New roofing under constructionPolycarbonate gives you flexibility in that it offers limitless options regardless of the type of project that you have.

Most polycarbonate sheet suppliers in the UK understand the flexibility of this material, and thus they embrace it to give a staggering array of its sheeting products. Each of these products fulfil particular requirements according to their durability and efficacy.

Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

This type ranks as the most used polycarbonate roofing system. They are commonly used in stadiums, swimming pools, industrial areas, parking spaces among others. Besides being UV resistant, multi-wall sheets have a high resistance to heat, fire, and also, have thermal and sound insulation.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

Compared with other types of polycarbonate sheets, corrugated sheets depict superior performance with exemplary impact resistance. They are available in plenty of materials and finishes making them the most suitable sheets for warehouses, residential, industrial and commercial applications.

They come in handy during daytime harvesting, making them an item of choice for people who want to save the environment. Moreover, they offer complete water resistance and good insulation.

Textured and Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

This category provides a thick and solid roofing system as they have up to 250 times impact resistance strength compared with a glass sheet of similar thickness, making it virtually unbreakable.

Moreover, the sheets are highly transparent as they allow up to 90% of light to go through while filtering out the harmful UV radiations. They also possess thermal, chemical and weather resistance, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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The above overview shows the flexibility in the use and application of plastics, particularly polycarbonate. That said, to ensure that you get the best polycarbonate sheet type for your job, it is wise to consult with your contractor and supplier to see what they have and recommend.