Here Are Five of the Dirtiest Items in Your Workplace

Offices in Wellington Researchers found that the dirtiest areas in the workplace are actually the men’s desks. Findings showed that the levels of bacteria present on office desks are highly dependent on the occupant’s gender. The researchers said that the men’s desks ‘tended to have more bacteria cells and more abundance of cells’ compared to the desks occupied by female occupants. Yikes!

Keeping a tidy and clean workplace is one way the company can ensure the safety and health of its employees. That is why they hire commercial cleaning companies in Wellington to do the job.

Furthermore, here are five items in the office that you can help in cleaning.

Pantry Coffee Pots

study conducted by Hloom found that coffee pot handles are 34 times dirtier than a toilet seat in school.

Office Phones

In one study, researchers found that office phones have 25,000 germs in every square inch. If you think your smartphone is cleaner, think again. In another study, findings show that a smartphone has 11,020 germs for square inch. Sure, it is a little cleaner, but it is not “clean” as you would hope it would be.


In one study, researchers found that 80 percent of workers still go to work even if they are sick. Any guess on what they use? The office phone, the copier and the coffee pots. Those buttons are teeming with germs you would be shocked to know. Unless they get a good cleaning on a regular basis, be warned.

Elevator Buttons

What would you do if someone sneezes inside a confined space? You also do not know where everyone’s hand had been before they punched that button to your floor. This is why regular cleaning of elevators is a must as germs travel fast.

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Office Chairs

People are more likely to clean their keyboards than they do their chairs. Professional cleaning crews will wipe down the chairs to remove the bacteria teeming in every inch.

Keeping a clean working lowers the chances of your employees getting sick and missing workdays. Invest in professional cleaning services to help improve your organisation’s productivity.