Guidelines on Choosing the Right Conference Table That Takes the Strain Out

Conference TableAre you looking for help in choosing a new conference table? Browsing online references will lead you to results saying the need to determine the maximum number of people to be seated around the table. Seating capacity is an important factor, but that is not the only aspect to focus on.

A Table that Can Seat the Right Number of People

Seating capacity is very important, so let us spend a bit more time discussing it. There is a direct association between table lengths in feet to the number of people the table can accommodate. For example, a table 20 feet in length can seat 20 people.

What are other important considerations in your choice of office furniture?

A Table with a Clear Purpose

Now that your priority task is selecting a conference table, you must first establish the purpose of the room. For sure, you need comfortable and functional furniture. However, you must establish whether the conference area is merely for intimate closed-door meetings, or it may also be used for audio-visual presentations involving a bigger audience. An attractive boardroom certainly helps build your brand, but you also want the area to be functional and efficient.

A Table that Looks the Part

Function may be important, but the appearance is essential as well. This is where your personal preference comes in. The shape of the table is only one of the characteristics you ought to determine. Do you prefer a standard rectangular table, or something oval? Are there any specific branding elements you wish to include in the design? Boardroom tables of custom design may be the best option for a company with specific aesthetic requirements. If you require something less specific, you can always browse products from office furniture showrooms online.

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Lastly, the table must fit inside the room with enough space to spare. A walkway of about three feet (at the least) should be available along the perimeter. Select a table that attracts attention, commands respect, offers comfort, and accommodates the right number of people.