Going Back to Basics: The Core of Weight Loss

healthy salad bowlLosing weight is not just about looking good, being able to fit into any clothes you want, or just generally being skinny. There are many other good reasons to start a weight loss program, many of which directly affect your overall health and well-being. The last thing you want to happen is to have your health take a dip because of the extra pounds you carry.

Always keep in mind that being overweight or obese bring numerous hazards and risks, including those affecting the cardiovascular system or the blood sugar levels. It doesn’t have to be difficult though. And the good news is, in Billerica, you’ll find a weight loss studio for women that you can rely on not just to guide you, but also provide you with much-needed support throughout.

Going back to basics

Weight loss, as its core has a pretty simple foundation. The basic formula is that you have to reduce your intake of calories that your body then transforms into energy. Keep in mind though that each person has varying caloric requirements, which depends on a number of factors, including gender, age, and BMI (body mass index).

What you do on a daily basis, say for work, also contributes greatly to how much calories you need to remove from your diet to shed all those excess pounds.

The specific type of calories you consume matters – a lot.

One of the most important reminders is that not all types of calories are the same. In other words, some are better for you than the rest. You may eat the same number of calories, but their effects on your body differ significantly. As such, you need to pay closer attention to what you put in your mouth, as eating too much of the bad kind can make it difficult for you to achieve your weight loss goals. You may even end up putting on more weight.

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Losing weight can be difficult, which is why you should consider seeking help from professionals. They can give you the right perspective, not to mention the support and encouragement that you need.