Four Things to Know about Recycling Wood Fibre for Animal Bedding

Waste woodWood recyclers take wood waste and recycle it into various sustainable products. Animal bedding is one of such useful products. Here are four things to know about recycled wood fibre used as animal bedding.

The process of turning waste wood into animal bedding

Waste wood recycling companies put the raw material through stringent cleaning processes when producing animal bedding. The cleaning processes include dust extraction and sometimes treating the shredded wood with additives. Additives give the bedding additional benefits such as bio-secure and antibacterial properties.

Why recycled wood animal bedding is popular

Farmers and animal lovers love animal bedding made from recycled wood fibre for several reasons. Primarily, the range of products available is processed with the particular end market in mind. Consequently, every farmer or pet keeper can find a warm, absorbent, easy-to-use and cost-effective bed for their specific livestock or pet.

Why animal bedding should be made from clean wood

Animal bedding should be produced from clean wood fibre

. Using clean wood helps reduce risk to animals from contaminated bedding. It also helps reduce environmental contamination. Accordingly, no recycler should process treated dirty waste wood for use as animal bedding.

Tips to minimise risks to your animals and land

You can reduce risks to your livestock and land by ensuring that your shredded wood animal bedding is of good quality. The material should be free from contamination and must not contain treated wood. Always source shredded wood bedding from a reputable dealer. Confirm that the dealer uses only grade ‘A’ wood to make bedding products.

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Many animal keepers realise the benefits of wood fibre bedding over traditional bedding materials such as straw. Whether you have recognised these advantages or have a shortage of agricultural residue bedding, you can find wood fibre bedding that suits your animals and wallet. But remember to source the material from a recycler whose waste wood for bedding is clean.