Focal for Local: Elements of a Successful Local SEO Strategy

SEO StrategyLate in 2014, Search Engine Watch published a blog about Google’s study on local SEO, asserting that local searches drive 50% of mobile users and 34% of desktop and tablet users to visit stores. The study added that 18% of local searches translated into sales, compared to 7% for non-local searches.

Further, 4 in 5 consumers search on a local level, with 88% doing so on smartphones, while 84% still do the same on computers and tablets. These figures point to a simple truth: local SEO is integral to any digital marketing strategy.

Jumpstart your local SEO efforts now. Elevate your status by taking advantage of SEO expert services. Here are some elements you need to focus on:


NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number; you must have these details added in external websites and directories relevant to the industry you’re in. And remember, consistency is important. You don’t want varying details across sites and directories and lead potential customers to the wrong place.


People trust reviews because they feel identified with testimonials. Review can be either good or bad; of course, you want customers to see you in a positive light, so improve your services and then encourage reviews as much as you can.

Google My Business and Facebook Places

Most people go to Google My Business pages to determine the credibility of the business they plan to work with. This makes it important to set up a profile informing consumers about your main line of products and services, hours of operation, office or branch address, etc. Again, make sure that you have correct and up-to-date information there. Do the same for Facebook Places.

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The King of Local SEO

Content reigns in local SEO; it’s important to forge partnerships with local businesses who can link to your business or your content. The more links referring to you and content from trusted sources, the higher the chances of better rankings. It should go without saying that the content pointing to you should be of high-quality — relevant, readable, and relatable.

Dominate the local search by focusing on the mentioned elements. Consult digital marketing experts for your local SEO needs.