Fledglings on the Loose: How You Can Help Them

Bird on streetSpring is just around the corner, and soon you’ll be seeing baby birds exploring outside their nests to try out their newly developed wings and muscles. It’s at this stage that they’re called fledglings. And for birds, it could be the most exciting part of their lives. 

Jcswildlife.com explains that birds depend on humans to help them survive, especially when seasons change. This is a concrete example when humans can help, or even save these precious feathered creatures. Fledglings could stray near a cat, a dog, or in the middle of the street. Because they’re still practicing flight, they may not be able to escape them. Here’s how you can help stray fledglings this spring.

Don’t interfere

If you find one in your backyard, safe from any bigger animal, leave it be. Just like little children, you’ll want them to learn on their own. Resist the urge to pick them up, give them a push, or worse, poke at them. Unless they’re in any immediate danger, just stay back and watch them learn how to flap those little wings.

Put them back in their nest

There may be times you’ll see them just hopping around too fast, not knowing what they could run into. If you find a fledgling where there’s a lot of action going on, you can pick them up and put them back in their nest, which is probably in the nearest tree.

Know when to call wildlife pros

If you’ve watched a fledgling for about 20 minutes and no parent is visible, try to look for its nest. If you don’t find it, put the bird in a makeshift nest made of dry grass or shredded paper towels and secure it to the nearest tree where you found it. Call your local wildlife rehabilitator to help the little bird.

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Remember that birds are an important part of life’s food chain. Taking care of them also means taking care of human life.