Find Your Next Adventure at the Dolomites, the Jewel of the Italian Alps

Kids at a skiing resortThe French and Swiss Alps may be getting most of the publicity, but the Italian Alps is equally magnificent. The mountain range stretches for hundreds of kilometres across Europe. A scenic and unique adventure await when you choose this travel destination. Of particular interest for intrepid adventurers is a Dolomites hiking trip with Alpenwild. Would you like to know more?

Déodat de Dolomieu

Déodat de Dolomieu was a French geologist in the 18th century, who gave his name to towering fossilized coral reefs in the Italian Alps. The towering formation of limestone and sedimentary rocks were formed in a primordial ocean. The pale and rocky spires and pinnacles tower in stark contrast with the gentle foothills and green meadows surrounding it. The beauty and mystery of the dolomitic landscape serve as an inspiration not only to millions of adventure-seekers from different parts of the world, but to artists, writers, and poets as well.

A geological marvel

When Pangaea, the supercontinent was still a massive singular landmass 300 to 150 million years ago, the Dolomites were forming as a giant coral reef. It was formed in Tethys, a prehistoric ocean located at what is now the tropics. The Dolomites were formed 250 million years ago, and today some of the towers stand as the tallest limestone formations anywhere in the world.  The pale mountains consist of limestone that is rich in magnesium.


Enrosadira or alpenglow is a local phenomenon that can be witnessed by visitors of Alta Badia. Around sundown, the pale mountains glow with magnificent shades of oranges, reds, and pinks. When the rays from the setting sun hit the surface of the limestone, a truly unforgettable sight unfolds. When hiking in the area, you must remember to pause at sunset and see enrosadira with your own eyes.

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The dolomitic mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage Site—a true treasure of the natural world. The Italian Alps is worth a few weeks of your time. Start planning your itinerary today!