Essentials for Planning Your Department’s Excursion

Employees ready for their company eventCompanies will have their annual family days, team building activates and other similar events. However, when it’s just your department or division that wants to go out on an old-fashioned outing, then you would need to coordinate everything yourself. Never fear, it’s not as bad as you think. Just be aware and prepare the following essentials.

The Itinerary

These two factors go beyond deciding on where you want to go to in Sydney. Other considerations should also include the budget, scheduling concerns, number of participants, meeting places and transportation. Choose places that would appeal to most, if not everyone, of your participants. You need to find affordable but comfortable vehicles for hire to fit everyone in, such as a minibus or a van.

Board and Lodging

Most outings would mean jumping from one spot to the other, but you still need a place to rest and eat. If your outing is only during the daytime, then feel free to use your minibus as a place to relax in between stops. However, if you plan to spend the night, look for a place that caters to large groups with discounted rates. Also, reserve early just so you’re sure to get rooms.

Safety and Security

Other than carrying a first aid kit, emergency equipment and a list of crisis contact numbers from the locality you’re visiting, you should also bring a member of your security or medical staff along with you. If that isn’t possible, research on hospitals near the venues, you plan to visit. Most importantly, have a set of rules and regulations for your participants in case of accidents and other possible tragedies.

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An excursion normally promises fun, frolic and a festive feel. However, you can only manage that if you have thoroughly prepared for any situation. But don’t go overboard with worrying. Just think of it as a bigger version of a family excursion but this time it’s with friends and co-workers.