E-cigarettes Offer Convenience and Choice in Lighting Up

Vaping device on top of tableThe first e-cigarette came out of China in 2004. Since then, there are close to 500 different brands sold worldwide. Along the way, the e-cigarette device has also evolved into different kinds of delivery devices. There are devices which make use of electronic cigarette cartridges and those that utilize a refillable tank system.


Using cartridges makes vaping simple and easy. The cartridges are filled with e-liquid, with each cartridge containing the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes. Some manufacturers have a cartridge return policy. The cartridges are available in packs of 5, 10, or 15. Cartridges are easy to use, just pull out the used cartridge and plug in a new one. This is convenient for users particularly the new users.

The only downside to using cartridges is that the cartridges are designed to work for a particular e-cig model. The available flavors are also limited to the e-cig brand offerings. Much like modern fountain pens which use cartridges, each manufacturer has their own design.


Although there are also refillable cartridges, the use of the tank system relies solely on refills for their continued use. The tank systems can be refilled with any brand and flavor of e-liquids, allowing the user a wide range of flavors and strengths. The main advantage of a refillable tank system is that there is no need to throw out old cartridges. There are only a few manufacturers which refill and reuse the cartridges.

The problem with e-liquids is that it takes some practice to refill the e-cigarette. Overfilling the tank will end up with a mouthful of e-liquid for the user. The liquid is a super-concentrated flavor which is not pleasing to the taste. Additionally, the nicotine in the liquid is toxic for pets and children if ingested. Extreme caution is necessary when using e-liquid.

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There are two types of e-cigarette systems, refillable e-liquids and cartridges. Each has their own advantage and delivery system. Cartridges offer convenience and ease, which makes the system attractive for beginners, but has some limitations on variety. A refillable tank system offers variety but requires practice and additional safety precautions.