Considerations When Planning for Commercial Screen Printing

Screen printingMost businesses do not plan to work with just any other commercial screen printing company there is on the market. The quality of work you will get tops that list, as well as the variety of materials on which the screen printing company can print. However, three factors are also very critical.

Printing Capability

The size of the screen printing company you choose to work with is very critical in determining whether they can handle your order. Additionally, the level of technology of their screen printing machines can also affect the amount of work they can handle per unit time.

Turn-Around Time

Just as it is when contracting any other service provider, you want the screen printing company to deliver the printed products in time. If the printing firm anticipates any delay, they should communicate that to you early enough so that you can reschedule the activities in which you had planned to use the printed items. Nonetheless, it is always best to work with a service provider that keeps their word.

Health and Environmental Consciousness

You might say it does not concern you whether the printing company uses chemicals that are harmful to the environment and their workers. But if word goes out that you are using the services of such printing firms, couldn’t that tarnish your reputation? So do your homework well to know whether the company you will be contracting has a sustainable printing process and uses “green” alternatives.

Another excellent check to do is to determine the number of clients the commercial screen printing company can serve at any one instance, and whether it has a high number of positive reviews from their past clients. A high referral rate is also an excellent indicator that the screen printing firm is reputable.

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