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Three Challenges Facing Recruitment Firms

April 15, 2018

Recruitment is one of the most visible and significant functions performed by human resources professionals. Unsurprisingly, this also presents the most significant pain points for HR personnel. Twenty-three per cent of HR professionals surveyed in […]

Farm loan concept
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4 Easy Ways to Apply for a Farm Loan

April 14, 2018

First-time farmers can find it a challenge to apply for small farm loans. Like any other type of business, it’s a challenge to find a company such as who will finance your farm when […]

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Why Retailers Need to Focus on Competitive Pricing

March 29, 2018

New technology will allow retailers to change product prices based on the available supply and demand much faster in the future, as the industry adapts to shifting habits of American shoppers. Businesses should consider a […]

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Building A New House? Residential Tips To Try

March 10, 2018

Many people dream of building and designing their dream house. Even though it is easier and faster to just buy a pre-built house, nothing beats the enjoyment and satisfaction you get in having built a […]

Bird on street
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Fledglings on the Loose: How You Can Help Them

March 6, 2018

Spring is just around the corner, and soon you’ll be seeing baby birds exploring outside their nests to try out their newly developed wings and muscles. It’s at this stage that they’re called fledglings. And for […]

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Fantastic Agents and Where to Find Them

March 2, 2018

Not hiring a real estate agent when buying a house is akin to self-diagnosing a health condition instead of going to see a doctor. Often, self-diagnosis and do-it-yourself methods in both arenas produce unfavorable results. […]

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3 Steps to Help You Through Business Valuation

February 26, 2018

“What’s my company worth?” Many business owners have asked this to themselves at least once.  Some entrepreneurs ask out of curiosity; some want a formal valuation; others could be considering selling their companies. For whatever […]