Can You Use an Air Conditioner in a Room with Your Newborn Baby?

Fixing An Air Conditioning UnitIt’s common knowledge that newborn babies have less capability of regulating body temperature compared to mature human beings. As a result, babies are prone to dehydration, heat rash, and other heat-related illnesses. This is why parents and guardians should be concerned when seeking air conditioning services in Sydney. While it’s okay to use the air conditioner, Conduct Air Conditioning and other experts remind that it’s important to take a few precautions:

Choose a Comfortable Room Temperature

Outdoor temperature changes could make the room turn cold or warm quickly for your baby. A baby needs a temperature that’s neither too warm nor too cold. Paediatricians suggest a temperature of between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius. Some ACs do not have inbuilt timers, so you might want to use an alarm clock to ensure the temperature doesn’t get out of range.

Observe AC Hygiene

This one applies even for the rest of the occupants. By design, air conditioners can enhance the spread of germs. Cleaning and servicing the system regularly is a requirement if you take control of pathogens and moulds. The room should also be clean to avoid circulation of elements. When you aren’t using the unit, consider opening the door and windows to allow circulation of fresh air.

Watch How You Dress Your Baby

As you take care of the system and your room, remember your baby as well. Light clothing works best, although you might want to add a layer or two when temperatures go beyond normal. Avoid many layers of clothes and blankets, though, especially if your baby is sleeping alone.

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Moisturise Your Baby’s Skin

If you have never noticed, the air from the AC can dry up the skin. The closer the exposure, the faster the drying rate. Applying a moisturiser can help keep the drying effects at bay. Make sure that the moisturiser doesn’t have harsh chemicals that may irritate your baby’s skin, though.

Do not switch off the unit because your baby has arrived. With a few simple precautions, the ac can be helpful to the young one as it is to the rest of the family.